From our very beginnings back on April 11, 1874 we have been a true "backbone of the community" type of insurance company. Over the past 145 years Bloomington Farmers Mutual has adapted to the changes required to meet the needs of the policyholders and will continue to do so in the years ahead. Having such a long established background shows that we have endured every difficulty and today we stand as strong as ever. We happily work hard every day to protect our insurance clients which has the result of assisting our community.

To acquire the most effective insurance in Wisconsin, there is no need to look beyond us. We understand every element of insurance and are able to swiftly review the requirements of anyone who needs coverage. We understand the lives and needs of our customers due to the fact that we are also part of the community and are insurance customers ourselves. We strongly believe that every person has the right to exceptional service, cost effective premiums as well as high quality insurance coverage that will certainly be there for you when you require it most.

Don't delay another day. Call our pleasant team today to get going on protecting the important things in life that you value most.

Bloomington Farmers Mutual Insurance Company is a company you can trust, as well as a company that will be there for you.

Bloomington Farmers Mutual is a Town Mutual Insurance Company run by policyholders for the policyholders. The company operates under the supervision of a Board of Directors made up of local community members.

The company is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (WAMIC) and is reinsured by Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Covering your home, personal property and liability.

Farmowners Insurance


Coverage for your farm, farmette or hobby farm, including dwellings & outbuildings.

Renters Insurance


Coverage for all your personal property & belongings if you currently rent.

Insurance Products



Bloomington Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

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